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Fiction and Non-Fiction books about REAL PEOPLE and Real-Life Experiences……..

Ask for my books at most Maritime Museums, your local bookstore, or seach for Bob Ojala on Amazon Books.

Non-Fiction Book that Reads Like a Story!

If my novels are about Real People, SWEETWATER SAILORS is even more so. I wanted my readers to know what sailors experience, and I did not want it only in my words. So, I found eighteen sailors, both active and retired, to tell me their stories. Five of those sailors are women, including the only woman Captain on an American flag, Great Lakes ore carrier.

The stories are both serious and humorous, and the book includes over 160 descriptive photos of their lives.

Non-Fiction Book that Reads Like a Story!

Fantastic Book About Policework

I just read phenomenal book, “What I Couldn’t Leave Behind: My Career As A Cop”. Neil Loewe is a 28-year police veteran of the Chicago suburb, adjacent to O’Hare Airport. His introduction to the job was the terrible American Airlines crash in 1979, killing 273 people. It never stopped haunting him, just like the suicidesContinue reading “Fantastic Book About Policework”

90th Birthday Party!

After our two days on the Badger, we are really looking forward to attending the 90th Anniversary celebration of the Carferry “S.S. City of Milwaukee” in Manistee this Saturday. This is one of the best organized and well-preserved vessel museums you can visit in the Great Lakes area. It really is worth your time, andContinue reading “90th Birthday Party!”

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